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Real Time Roll Calls are a main component of our site. You want to know who is at the strip club? Check the RTRC.
We have most all of the top 10 strip clubs in Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Orange County posting their RTRC's here.

Clicking or tapping on the RTRC icon takes you to the RTRC "stripper 411" page of over 8500 listed dancers with over 9300 reviews written by our over 8000 members.

Note: most of our members will not visit a club without a Roll Call from that club.

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Reviews are the "bread and butter" of our site.
Sharing good effective reviews benefits all members.
Our member derived info is read quickly and easily.


Dancer Review Quick-Indicators:
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- Performance (rpm icon)
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- Blacklist (skull n cross-bones icon)

At the time of this posting, Sofie has a:
2.5 rating out of 5 by 3 reviewers;
1.5 rating out of 5 by 3 reviewers;
0 on the To-Do list; and
4 on the Black list.

These come in very handy on a quick read of each dancer when the question pops up, "Do you want a dance?". Whip out your mobile, get on Boned In and get the answer to, "yeah" or "no-way!".

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- Follow the GUIDELINES, before @JohnnyPatrol kicks you in the ass for writing a less than perfect dancer review.

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Members use the Gift Box and Skull skull as they individually see fit. It only shows up on your account but the point is added to the collective for all to see.

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Build credibility, write good reviews!

Lopaw has (243) excellent dancer reviews and counting, see how I got this one marked with a Gift Box!

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Since we briefly mentioned him above, here is our introduction to JohnnyPatrol.

JohnnyPatrol has the difficult task of keeping the sludge and grime, that through time, accumulates and restricts the free flow in our strip club Aficionado Republic, moving. An occasional rat stuck in the pipes needs to be extracted, JohnnyPatrol handles it effectively and efficiently. Keeping the system healthy and growing properly. Respect.

Lest anyone forget, parasites, hackers and trolls -beware! JohnnyPatrol at a Boned In rally in front of the Central Strip Club Headquarters in Downtown COI, taking care of a piece of shit parasite.

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strip club blog
The other key part of our site is the member requested Blog. Basically, our down and dirty watering hole where we strip club aficionados congregate and shoot the adult fictitious shit for entertainment purposes.

Clicking or tapping on the Blog icon takes you to the Blog page where you can see and read all our member's Blog posts.
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Pretty much, the rest is self-explanatory. Just read the self-help instructions carefully drafted out for you in electric blue.

WARNING: Anybody claiming STD's from a dancer needs to show a picture of written proof from the doctor with the SPECIFIC name of the STD you have and showing advise how he/she plans to treat it, or else they may be subject to removal.

ADVICE: Just sick of people wanting info who don't provide any Intel when they clearly have more dances than reviews. If you want to look but not provide Intel that's fine but don't expect answers on the board when all you do is provide the bare minimum of Intel so you get rid of your tampon badge.
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Blog Rules
Common Sense
Yes, it's true, in the beginning, it got passionately chaotic and unruly without rules. So, members established these rules to Blog by.

If you are a dancer, understand that any comment you make criticizing a customer may motivate other customers to chime in on their behalf and subject you to some rather unflattering statements about your looks, odors, level of education, number of children, upbringing, and perhaps an explicit account of your "business practices".

If you are a monger who slams a dancer, understand your comments will invite a number of personal attacks from "chivalrous" members who see an insulted dancer as a damsel in distress and will rush in to be their "knight in shining sweatpants". These benevolent souls will attack your looks, level of education, income level, accuse you of being a misogynist and in the most extreme cases may even challenge you to a fistfight.

And for the geniuses who post details of their personal lives (divorced, unhappy marriage, ahem how many kids you have), realize that these statements can and will be used against you to impeach your credibility later.

No pics allowed.

Transexual or Homosexual:
No pics allowed.

Violation of Rules:
One month suspension of membership and/or termination upon investigation of the seriousness of violation by our in-house Certified Blog Board.

Posted by: Monga
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Dancer Drawer
We've made it simple and easy to find your girl quickly. Thanks to the Dancer Drawer icon found at the top of each strip club page.

Clicking or tapping on the Dancer Drawer icon drops the drawer down revealing all the sexy dancers listed for that strip club effortlessly in alphabetical order. It is quick and easy to find any dancers at once. From there, you can click or tap on any Dancer name to read or create a Review.
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Badges and Avatars
Earn Badges by reviewing Dancers.
Everyone starts with the Pink Tampon badge. It gets removed after your 3rd posted review.

25- Next Badge at 25.
75- Third Badge at 75
200- Fourth "Domonance!"

Avatars are given on request.
Members earn them. It's a sign of trust and belonging.

Rating Dances-1
0 No mileage = Air dance.
No touching!

1 Low mileage = Very little contact.
Maybe she actually sits on your lap but she won't let you touch tits, ass, pussy.

2 Okay mileage = Allows touching on the twins, Average Grind with hands off on the mother land!

3 High mileage = She’ll allow a little bit of touching on the South side of the mother land, with an Excellent grind.

4 Very high mileage (VHM) = Holy shit, your licking and touching the mother land. No Problem sucking the twins. You could even do the sticky fingers. Nascar and SSTP and other stuff like that are allowed during the lap session!

5 Full mileage = use your imagination!

Posted by: Biker
Rating Dances-2
NM = Air Dance (0)

LM = Grinding (1)

GM = Mutual Petting (1)

VGM = Feeding and DATY (2)

HM = Stroke the Salami (3)

VHM =Taste The Salami (4)

UHM = Hide The Salami (5)

Posted by: xBiker
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Add More
Clicking or tapping on the Add More icon adds more info to the bottom of page. Works on all pages that have on going info.
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Stripper 101 - Intro to Vagina
by Blondie_143
In house stripper advisor
Fellow members, are you sick of getting dances with girls whose happy boxes smell like battery acid?
Dancers do you have multiple reviews stating your cookie stinks?
If you answered yes to the above questions then continue reading.

Dancer basics- if you work in a nude club it is crucial you take extra care of your vagina. No one wants a stanky puss working in the club. By following my simple rules you can save yourself from some embarrassing Boned In reviews.
Customers if you have a ranky ATF..feel free to share my wisdom with her.

1. Bitch shower
2. You are what you eat, put down the tacos.
3. Probiotics
4. Stop using that dusty ass Pussy spray in the dressing room, it's gross and goes everywhere, if you smell that bad...see rule 5
5. Go to the doctor, smells are not normal, stop trying to cover them, planned parenthood is free.
6. After work take Epsom salt baths with rose water, tea tree oil and lavender. Your welcome.
7. Pussy hair your not a cave woman, wax or laser that ish.
8. Do not rub your bare vagina on the pole, the stage is filthy, and I for one do not want to stick my hand in your clam jam that you left behind. I think those rules cover the basics. Feel free to add any tips I may have forgotten. I'm late for dinner. ( Have a good, fish taco night, Blondie_143! - Domo )
Boned In Parasites
1 - The Lookee Lou
2 - The one with shitty details or bullshit reviews
3 - The one that always asks for answers to something
4 - The freeloader
5 - 10 reviews in 1 day
6 - How much does it cost
7 - Why is JohnnyPatrol picking on me
8 - Domo is mean
9 - Has anybody seen? Fill in the blank.

And my personnel favoite,
10 - why can't I read the AR reviews?
11 - I'm gonna post my reviews. I only dance with the same two girls or I can't afford to go as much as you guys so I don't have enough Intel.
12 - Dancers pretending to be PL's to either dis a fellow dancer or write shamelessly Shill reviews of themselves (since they didn't particularly like their last BI review)
Boned In Commandments
by Kane22
1. Thou shalt follow all review guidelines.

2. Though shalt not hold out on the homies (homettes, lopaw) by not filling in the AR section.

3. Though shalt not feed the trolls.

4. Thou shalt not tell dancers what was said in the AR section.

5. Thou shall contribute to Blog Topics when appropriate.

6. Thou shalt not fall in love with a stripper (she don't love you).

7. Thou shalt not "buy the lady a drink".

8. Thou shall open our arms to the dancers who actually contribute to the site with open arms.

9. Thou shalt post the original review date at the top of any updates to an existing review.

10. Thou shall post roll calls every time you are in the club.

11. Thou shall not ask for AR access - by chingao
hot crazy matrix
Hot Crazy Matrix
This is the educational part of Boned In.
This is a must see and understand YouTube for all members. Hear it directly from the "terrorist mouthpiece".
Click on the pic to view the video.
Thou Shalt Not...

Verse: 3
But of the dancers in the clubs which are in the midst of the Reviews in, Domo hath said, Ye shall not surely verbally bash, neither shall ye attack or insult in thine own anger and rage by repeatedly calling them a whore (or any other such disparaging names) without a just and justifiable cause (or direct approval from the celestial seat of Domo) lest ye be banned and forever have your IP address re-directed to another site whilest attempting to access

Verse: 4
Therefore fear and be afraid lest thou art cursed and shall surely be banished from and made to crawl on thy belly and eat dust all the days of thy life with great sorrow. Be ye therefore wise and goeth not about to tempt and fucketh with the word and benevolence of Domo on high.